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World’s First Wi-Fi Enabled Medical Marijuana Inhaler Created By Syqe Medical

Paige Anne Carter


blog-0653880001414425899.jpgMedical marijuana is one of the most promising plants in medical science today. However, the use of medical marijuana is not widely accepted by many people and countries. This problem created an opportunity to some innovative companies. Israeli company Syqe Medical created a more acceptable medical marijuana inhaler using a 3D medical printer. This device delivers precise dosage of marijuana thus physicians can overcome the problem of unpredictability of prescribing medical marijuana.

This innovative medical marijuana inhaler is connected to Wi-Fi in order for doctors and patients to monitor the dosage of the medical marijuana and ensure that only the correct dosage is delivered. Using the Stratasys 3D printer, the manufacturing process of the inhaler was faster thus clinical trials were also done in just a matter of days.

CEO of Syqe Medical Perry Davidson said that different materials were chosen to create the chassis, shell, thermal housing and airway which make up the four parts of the device. He also added that metered dose inhalation of raw medical cannabis or other botanicals is a very difficult undertaking, developing the inhaler is very challenging at first and the company has to develop their own tools and machines to support the entire manufacturing process of this innovative medical marijuana inhaler. In fact, most of the production equipment as well as analytical tools to test the medical marijuana inhaler are printed within the company.

The development of this device is very promising to people who want to try medical marijuana but are doubtful about its efficacy due to variations of dosages of the active ingredients in the natural plant. But with this new metered dose, these types of fears are now unfounded. Although the Syqe Inhaler has already been tested, it will be available to the public in 2015.


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