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3D printing technologies have opened up the capabilities for customization in a wide variety of applications in the medical field. Using bio-compatible and drug-contact materials, medical devices can be produced that are perfectly suited for a particular individual. Another trend enabled by 3D printing is mass customization, in that multiple individualized items can be produced simultaneously, saving time and energy while improving manufacturing efficiency.

3D printers are used to manufacture a variety of medical devices, including those with complex geometry or features that match a patient’s unique anatomy.

Some devices are printed from a standard design to make multiple identical copies of the same device. Other devices, called patient-matched or patient-specific devices, are created from a specific patient’s imaging data.

Commercially available 3D printed medical devices include:


  • Instrumentation (e.g., guides to assist with proper surgical placement of a device)


  • Implants (e.g., cranial plates or hip joints)


  • External prostheses (e.g., hands)


  • Prescription Glasses


  • Hearing Aids


In summary, the 3D Printing medical device market looks exciting and promising, Various Reports and surveys suggest the unexpected growth and demand for 3D Printing in medical device industry and it is expected to blossom more but a number of existing application areas for 3D printing in healthcare sector require specialized materials that meet rigid and stringent bio-compatibility standards, Future 3D printing applications for the medical device field will certainly emerge with the development of suitable additional materials for diagnostic and therapeutic use that meet CE and FDA guidelines.

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Excellent comment

Our firm currently its working on this type of application through FDM 3D printing and use of different methods and materials such as Carbon fiber molding etc.

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