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3D-printed brace brings comfort and elegance for scoliosis patients



bespoke-braces-scoliosis-closeup4.jpg Last week, 3D Systems announced the successful completion of its pilot program for a 3D-printed brace for children and young adults with scoliosis (curved spine). As with other 3D-printed braces, the “Bespoke Brace” is personalized for each patient. In a first step, the patient is fitted with a prototype brace. Once this prototype has been customized, it is digitized to create a digital reference underlay. Next, the brace is further adjusted digitally and finally 3D-printed using selective laser sintering (SLS) technology, resulting in optimal comfort (it breathes and is light weight), flexibility and durability. As an added bonus, it is more stylish than existing braces on the market.

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Photo credit: 3D Systems.com

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