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Amabox FDM 3D Printer


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creating a Green world
How long have you not been to the creek or the forest, enjoying the beauty of nature? In daily life, we are on the line between work and home, and there is less time to go around. The real green plants and potted plants need a lot of time and energy to care. So is there a way to see the greenery without so much time? Yes! We can use 3D printer to make artificial plants and create a green world by ourselves.

Easy to get started
Although the so-called entry-level 3D printers on the market are mostly priced at around $200, which is very cheap, the printing accuracy is very poor. Some of the printed models are quite different from the modeling data. There are gaps in the branches of the trees, not to mention the texture of the branches and leaves. The printed results cannot meet the needs of users at all.
So is there a printer with high printing accuracy? Yes, but these 3D printers have to be assembled by themselves and need to be leveled before printing. An important point in determining print quality is leveling. If the printing platform is not flat, the printed Bonsai or Grassland may be broken or even broken.
Therefore, Elyarchi released Amabox based on user needs. This is a high-speed and high-precision complete machine printer. It is factory leveled with instructions, ready to use.

6 main filaments and its composites can be printed
Amabox has high printing quality and can print 0.05mm layer height stably at a speed of 300mm/s, and because of its wide printing platform, it can print multiple parts at the same time, and the printing speed is very fast. Other machines can print things that take six or seven hours, and Amabox can complete it in one hour. Using 60W brass heating block, the heating speed is fast, and it can play 6 main filaments and its composites. Different filaments have different functions: PLA filaments are relatively hard and can be used as tree branches; TPU filaments can be used as leaves due to its soft material and good hand feeling; PC filaments have a strong luster, which can reflect sunlight and be made of small stones.

High printing accuracy
The higher the base of the tree, the thinner the trunk becomes. This is called “trend”. The more natural the “trend” is, the more beautiful it is. The closer the branches to the top, the narrower the spacing, the easier it is to present a sense of balance and towering trees. Furthermore, although the printed potted plants are small, they still do not reduce the charm of a big tree. Therefore, the smaller and denser the leaves, the more tall and straight the green ficus is. Therefore, the smaller and denser the leaves, the more tall and straight the green ficus is. The Amabox printing accuracy can reach 0.05mm, which is as fine as a hairline, and can successfully print the fine spacing between branches and dense leaves.
Rough bark, withered crown, withered trunk. Trees that meet these conditions are difficult to find, and aging these parts on real plants takes a lot of time and risks failure. Using some FDM 3D printers to print trees, there may be problems with warping, drawing, and edge inequality. But because Amabox uses stepper motors and Klipper, it can print very smoothly and the texture after coloring is lifelike.
Excluding printing trees, Amabox is good at printing flower pots. Generally speaking, under the same printing time, some machines will have their own “shape” due to uncontrollable extrusion volume and low precision, and serious water seepage will occur. On the contrary, Amabox high-speed printing uses brass heating block, which means the melting speed of the filaments is controllable, and the flower pot itself is particularly firmly bonded. What's more, Amabox can print both flower pots of various shapes and a variety of flower pot stands.

Amabox is a 3D printer that is easy to use, can print more than 30 kinds of filaments, and has high printing accuracy. It is a multi-function printer for printing potted plants, flowerpots of various shapes, etc. And more uses of Amabox are waiting for you to discover! This product is warming up, details can be paid to the official website: [https://elyarchi.com/product.html](https://elyarchi.com/product.html)

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