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3D photogrammetry scanning service

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My name is Nicholas Radzykewycz and I started FuzNuz Horse Equipment, a small non-profit making 3D printed equipment for horses. I have been using photogrammetry scans made with a regular camera to do remote 3D modelling of horse hooves in Finland with a farrier company named Horses First https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4969951 to make custom fitted hoof boots from these 3D full color models using a complex custom program using the Meshmixer API.


If you are interested in getting custom fitted hoof boots, or would like to use these surface 3D scans for capturing records of veterinary injuries or other applications, or would just like help automating your current workflow in Meshmixer using the mmAPI. Please contact me at fuznuzhorseequipment@gmail.com.


FuzNuz Horse Equipment is a member of the Virtual Veterinary Care Association: https://vvca.org/





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