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HEAD AND NECK, ct with contrast, Frontal bone, Superior frontal gyrus, Falx cerebri, Middle frontal gyrus
Cingulate sulcus, Coronal suture , Pericallosal artery, Precentral gyrus, Corona radiata, Central sulcus,  Corpus callosum, Postcentral gyrus,  Lateral ventricle (choroid plexus),  Postcentral sulcus,  Parietal bone,  Supramarginal gyrus,  Precuneus,  Angular gyrus, Parieto-occipital sulcus, Occipital gyri,  Cuneus
Occipital bone, Superior sagittal sinus, Nasal bone, Eyeball, Nasal septum,  Ethmoidal cells, Zygomatic bone,  Pterygopalatine fossa,  Occipital bone (basilar part), Temporal muscle,  Sphenoidal sinus,  Temporal bone (apex of the petrous pyramid)
Zygomatic arch,  Internal carotid artery,  Masseter muscle ,  Jugular vein (bulb),  Lateral pterygoid muscle
(superior head),  External auditory meatus, Auditor y tube,  Medulla oblongata,  Head of mandible
 Mastoid process,  Foramen lacerum,  Sigmoid sinus,  Vertebral arteries ,  Petro-occipital fissure,  Flocculus
Digastric muscle, Splenius capitis muscle,   Rectus capitis posterior minor muscle,  Cisterna magna (posterior cerebellomedullary, cistern),  Rectus capitis posterior major muscle,  Occipital bone,  Semispinalis capitis muscle,  Trapezius muscle

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