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Acetabulum fractures, sacrum, coccyx, Iliotibial tract,  Tensor fasciae latae muscle,  Rectus femoris muscle, Femur (head),  Sartorius muscle,  Iliopsoas muscle,  Femoral artery, vein and nerve, Urinary bladder, Rectus abdominis muscle,  Pubis (superior ramus), Pectineus muscle,  Obturator externus muscle,  Iliofemoral ligament,  Gluteus medius muscle,  Greater trochanter,  Obturator externus muscle, Quadratus femoris muscle and gemellus inferior muscles,  Obturator internus muscle, Gluteus maximus muscle,  prostate,  Rectum,  Levator ani muscle,  Ureter,  Obturator internus muscle,  Ischium (tuberosity),  Vastus lateralis muscle,  Deep inguinal lymph nodes,  Superficial inguinal lymph nodes,  Postvesical nodes,  Prevesical lymph nodes, Rectal lymph nodes, ct, scan, without, contrast, male pelvis, .tls, 3d, model, printable, iliac, bone, lumbar, spine, atherosclerosis, arthrosis, femoral


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