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Cosmetic Company Working On Bioprinted Skin For Safer Cosmetic Testing

Paige Anne Carter



Conventional cosmetic testing is often done on animals. However, cosmetic testing on animals is very controversial thus a leading cosmetic company, L’Oreal invested on 3D bioprinted skin for safer cosmetic testing by partnering with a leading 3D bioprinting company.

L’Oreal partnered with a 3D bioprinting company, Organovo, to create 3D bioprinted skin to test the toxicity of personal care products. The company has been developing the 3D printed skin since October this year. Organovo also announced the commercial release of this testing kit dubbed as exVive3D Human Liver Tissue. Organovo also partnered with the Yale School of Medicine’s Department of Surgery for the transplant of human patients who will be subjected to the clinical trials for five years.

The exVive3D Human Liver Tissue used in preclinical drug testing works by replicating the functions of a living human liver tissue such as its ability to produce proteins. It is created to look like a skin. Testing run of the bioprinted tissue was able to differentiate toxic and non-toxic compounds. Moreover, the bioprinted liver also allows both histological and biochemical data to be collected thus customers can investigate the responses of compounds at multiple levels.

Bioprinting can revolutionize conventional tissue engineering by addressing the shortage of available tissue for both transplantation and repair. However, what Organovo and L’Oreal did is that they took tissue bioprinting to the next level by finding novel application. This new application of 3D bioprinting has opened new doors on how to use 3D medical bioprinting to the next level.


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