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3D Medical Printing Your Baby into a 3D Doll

Paige Anne Carter



As a first time parent—or in fact for a lot of moms, the waiting time for seeing your baby or holding your baby for the first time is an unbearable agony. Would-be parents just can’t wait to hold their wonderful babies in their arms. In fact, they have a hard time reining in their excitement on whose parental looks the baby is more like. That’s why ultrasounds are used by many parents to find out their baby’s gender; soon they were able to see their baby’s face more clearly through 3D ultrasounds.

But, here comes the age of 3D medical printing which has stepped up a notch the technologies when it comes to seeing your baby inside the womb. Did you know that it is now possible to 3D print fetus? Yes, in fact plenty of establishments are already offering this wondrous technology to pregnant females so that they can have a 3D doll of their baby who’s still in the womb.

One such company is 3D Babies who can create a life sized fetal sculpture of your baby in your womb from your ultrasound results for only $600. You may ask, what about my older kids? Won’t I have the chance of getting a 3D baby doll of him or her? The answer is yes, you can still have a 3D baby doll of them provided that you have kept their ultrasound results.

Your 3D baby doll is so life like and life size that you can even choose from two different fetal positions and 3 different skin tone colors. You have to take great care in handling this baby doll though, because it’s made of dried pasta noodles and can easily break.

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I met a gentleman at a 3D printing conference in 2013 who has a business offering this service to expecting parents.  He does his prints with a Z printer, which offers good resolution and decent durability.  These gypsum-based prints will break if they're dropped on the floor, but generally can be safely handled.  We're using a lot of them for the MacroMicro exhibition. 

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