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  1. cleggett

    Human Heart

  2. cleggett

    Half skull, half size, COLLADA format

  3. So useful to hide parts of the mesh that you aren't going to be working on. It just makes things simpler and faster.
  4. Hi Dr. Mike! Great to see some new features, articles and great content today on Embodi3D.com! I look forward to seeing more in the future as well and being active in the Embodi3D community!

  5. cleggett

    3D Printable Lace Skull, Half-Size

    I just added my vote for this model. Thanks for sharing this @Dr. Mike
  6. cleggett

    Lumbar Vertebra

    Very nice animation and printable structure of the lumbar vertebra. Print result is terrific and it will be interesting to see further applications of this.