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Embodi3d´s Top Contributors: Selami Ekinci

Angel Sosa


Meet Selami Ekinci, he´s an Architect and lives in Turkey/Ankara.


Since last year, He works as a freelance at home office so he has lot of time to have fun with 3D Medical software, modellings and presentations.


1. What motivated you to work with 3D printing?


In the beginning My Sister (She is a child surgeon) asked me if I could draw 3D Model tumor and calculate its volume. After a successful work of it, doctors wanted 3D Model to see relation with vessels, vein, aorta and tumor for difficult patients. They made lots of pre-surgery plan with these 3D works, and said which were very helpful. That was the motivation being part of it.



2. Which 3D model do you consider is your best contribution so far and why?


Generally tumor models asked for me in real life. With those 3D works, operations done faster, lower risk, cheaper and high success. But what I believe is, any 3D work in this platform has contribution for 3D printing and Augmented Reality in this platform.


20210322_184350.jpg.25c8f53a971157f3c03e52abb58b6b4e.thumb.jpg.c32cd76b674afa04820671c8dac357e5.jpg    20210322_184410.thumb.jpg.e376b35e3010c13666b591669d98a84e.jpg.565ae78b5119be2a7a936f95961cf8d2.jpg

                                                                                  Skull base example                                                                                          Spine example


3. How is 3D printing useful for your daily work?


3D printing has a lots of advantage my doctor friends daily work. I guess I explained how, but not enough for now. It’s like driver airbag was optional 25 years ago, which six of them are standard now. 3D printing may be rare for now, but will be asked for standard operations in future.



                                                                                                                                            Spine and vascular example


4. What do you recommend to whom is starting in the 3D medical printing world?


As an Architect, I have an huge advantage in 3D modeling which has same principles 3D medical printing. There are lots of tutorials about modeling an object etc. with a 3D modeling software like blender. If you understand basics to design an 3D object, this will be very helpful to segmentation CT&MR to create 3D printable model.


Best wishes,






Angel Sosa

A Radiologist who´s passionate about AI and imaging in any form. From x rays, ultrasound to CT, MR and 3d printing. Likes photography, music, and video games.


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I am impressed by your activity! I also work with 3D data for preventive medicine. So. I am looking for a site with as many CT images of the upper limb (wrist, upper arm and hand) in DICOM format as possible. Does anyone know which site I can go to?

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