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How to Create a Hollow Shell from a Medical STL File Using MeshMixer

Dr. Mike


In this brief tutorial we will go over how to use Meshmixer to create a hollow shell from a medical 3D printable STL file. Hollowing out the shell, as shown in the pictures below, can allow you to 3D print the model using much less material that printing a solid piece. The print will take less time and cost less money.


For this tutorial we will use a head that we created from a real medical CT scan in a prior tutorial, " Easily Create 3D Printable Muscle and Skin STL Files from Medical CT Scans" If you haven't seen the prior tutorial, please check it out.




To follow along with the tutorial, please download the accompanying file. This will enable you to replicate the process exactly as it is shown in the tutorial. 







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I have 2 questions:


Is it possible to make a sort of overlying shell in stead of hollow shell?

On that way you could make something that clicks onto a bone or something...


Is it possible to give your model 2 colors?

For example the head white and the rest of the body black or a kidney with the kidney parenchym translucent and the vessels red or something like that?


Thank you in advance,




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