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New Software Creates Innovative 3D Printed Implants

Paige Anne Carter



3D printing has taken the medical industry by storm through the provision of various opportunities for innovation, thus improving the quality of implants. The 3D printing company, Autodesk, created the generative design software featuring 600 innovative implants from the micro-lattice porous structures to bioprinted blood vessels.


Senior director of design research, Mark Davis, said that the software uses different pore size configurations to help porous implant integrate properly with the injured bone. The software also optimizes the 3D printing process from electron beam melting ad direct metal laser sintering for accuracy and precision in making the implants.


Doctors and other medical professionals now have a powerful tool in treating patients suffering from conditions that are usually difficult to treat using conventional methods. Aside from the innovative implants from Autodesk’s Within Medical structure, the company can also collaborate from other institutions to create different titanium implants that are flexible and comfortable for the patients.


The new tool offers different innovations such as porous random latticing, rough lattice surfaces, conformal lattices, and variable lattice density which are all developed in order to make the implants more effective, fast-acting, and comfortable.


Aside from improving the technology of 3D bioprinting, Autodesk’s Within Medical makes it easy for people to achieve individualized and customized treatment. It has contributed immensely to changing the ways of 3D bioprinting in terms of design and manufacturing of implants. It is a good tool that will standardize the implants of the future thus making them more biologically compatible and smart.


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