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3D Printer Creates Solar Powered Doctor’s Bag

Paige Anne Carter



3D printing is not only used in creating implants in the medical industry, but it is now also being used to develop interesting devices that can help doctors improve their practice. Recently, Harvard-educated physician and innovator Dr. Julielynn Wong created an innovative solar powered bag using 3D printing.


The purpose of her innovative bag is to help doctors assigned in underprivileged areas. She created 3D printed diagnostic devices used for testing malaria and water potability. She noted that one billion people in the world lack access to electricity and simple medical items are expensive and usually take weeks or months to arrive. With her innovative bag, Dr. Wong hopes that doctors will be able to help save more lives even if they are assigned in remote places.


The current prototype has three test designs and it is made up of six solar panels with a 3-3-2 configuration, voltage regulator or power adapter and two 12-volt batteries in series with a small 3D printer. This allows doctors to create new tools in case their bag does not contain the usual tools that they don’t have in their bag.


It is interesting to take note that Dr. Wong created this bag not only to be used by doctors assigned in remote areas in the planet but it was primarily created to be used in space exploration. In fact, its details were released in the Aerospace Medicine Human Performance journal this year. With this new tool, doctors will be able to perform well in various settings they may find themselves in.


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