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3D Biofabrication: Science Fiction Turns To Reality

Paige Anne Carter



Biofabrication – the combination of mechatronics and biology – is no longer featured in science fiction movies. Currently, the clinical landscape is now using biofabrication through 3D bioprinting to treat different medical conditions that are difficult to medicate using conventional medical procedures.


So what does biofabrication do? If you are sick and in need of a new body part, biofabrication can build it for you. A good example of the application of biofabrication is the cochlear implant which originated in Australia. Also, the country is also involved in the clinical breakthroughs of the implanted jawbone and heel which made them a world leader in 3D biofabrication.


3D biofabrication has a lot of promising features. Aside from being used in creating cochlear and orthopedic implants, biofabrication can also be used in other industries to design new treatment procedures and products.


Moreover, the future of 3D biofabrication looks very promising for future bioengineers. Many investors are starting spin-out companies that employ 3D printing for different applications. This can lead to a wave of academic institutions fortifying its system to provide better education to students who want to take biofabrication in the future. For instance, establishing Masters courses for 3D biofabrication can extend help to the future biofabricators by providing them with the skills needed to operate in this field.


The role of biofabrication in future societies is very big. It can help extend lives by making complex surgical procedures seem easy as well as making body parts readily available to patients. It is science fiction slowly being turned to reality.


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