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3D Printing In China To Treat Patient Requiring Double Knee Replacement

Paige Anne Carter



3D printing is an essential tool in the modern medical technology as it is used in multitude of applications. One testament of the efficacy of 3D printing technology was its use on a double knee replacement surgery in China.


Doctors from Handan, China used 3D printing technology to repair the legs of a young patient requiring double knee surgery. Suffering from the condition called genu varum deficiency, the patient is characterized having bow legs due to the inward angulation of the knee that resulted to a 43-degree angle of the legs.


Thanks to 3D printing, the doctors were able to find a solution by using 3D printing technology. The doctors were able to create a 1:1 scale replica of the patient’s leg as well as knee joints to fully understand the condition. They also used the replica to plan the best course of action to treat the patient.


With the help of the 3D printed replica, the doctors were able to decide that a double knee replacement surgery is necessary. They also used the replica to practice prior to the operation thus reducing the risk for the patient during and after the surgery.


Dr. Han Shoujiang, Director of No. 3 Department in the said hospital, noted that the 3D printing technology is one of a kind as it allows surgeons to simulate the surgical procedure and also create correct surgery plan. Thanks to 3D printing technology and the knowledge of the doctors, the patient was able to walk for the first time in many decades.


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