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Chinese Company Created Bioprinted Matter For Brain Surgery

Paige Anne Carter



The human brain is the most complex thing in the human body. Because it is the most important part of the body, it is protected by a thin layer called dura mater. The dura mater is divided into two complex layers. When surgeons need to conduct brain surgery, they need to cut through the protective layers as well as replace them after surgery; otherwise it will put the health of the patient at risk.


The problem is that the dura mater is very difficult to replace. However, researchers from the Maipu Regenerative Medical Technology developed artificial dura mater products with the help of a 3D bioprinter. Chief Officer Professor Xu Tao described the process dubbed as ReDura replaces the native dura mater of patients who underwent brain surgery.


This technology provides a structure which the tissues can grow. The 3D bioprinted scaffold is printed in a printer with two print heads. One print head is filled with human cells called bio ink while the other print head contains a printable water-based gel which serves as the biological paper. The biological paper supports the growth of the meningeal cell.


When the meningeal cells are printed, the machine sprays the bio ink to the biological paper. During the surgery, the scaffold is then inserted on the affected area. Eventually, it stimulates the collagen structures in the body to form layers which replaces the bioprinted dura mater that was once there. In a few months, the ReDura dissolves slowly into water and carbon dioxide leaving behind healthy tissue replacement that functions just like the original dura mater.


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