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3D Printed Bone Tested Successfully In China

Paige Anne Carter



The future of regenerative medicine lies on the advancements of technologies such as 3D printing. Recently, 3D medical printing has led to the reproduction of cartilages, bones as well as other soft tissues. One of the leading countries when it comes to 3D medical printing is China. Scientists from the Xi’an Particle Cloud Advanced Materials Technology Co., Ltd. have successfully developed patented 3D printing process to create the biodegradable artificial bone structures. To create the bone structures, the researchers used advanced Filament Free Printing techniques in order to create scaffolds that can be implanted to the human body and encourage growth of bones from human cells.

To ensure the safety of the artificial body parts, the researchers have tested them by doing animal testing. The researchers announced that the rounds of animal testing were successful. Specifically, the researchers created a defect on the bottom part of a rabbit’s femur and implanted a 3D printed artificial bone to the area of concern to correct the defect. Researchers noticed that the new cells have regrown within 48 hours on the surface of the artificial bone which served as the scaffold. This exciting discovery suggests that 3D printer can be used for man-made replacement for the actual living bone.

With this promising research, it is no doubt that the 3D printing technology will go a long way when it comes to treating different bone deformities as well as bone health anomalies. Today, the Chinese researchers were successful in creating scaffolds for bone regrowth but they will eventually make different organs to treat patients suffering from different diseases.


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