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proba, Frontal bone, Frontal sinus,  Falx cerebri,  Superior frontal gyrus,  Cingulate gyrus, Middle frontal gyrus,  Corpus callosum (genu),  Lateral ventricle (anterior horn),  Internal capsule (anterior limb), Caudate nucleus (head),  Parietal bone,  Inferior frontal gyrus,  External capsule,  Putamen,  Septum verum, 
(precommissural septum),  Cistern of lateral cerebral fossa (insular cistern),  Hypothalamus,  Internal capsule (genu),  Third ventricle, Claustrum,  Superior temporal gyrus,  Extreme capsule,  Temporal bone,  Globus pallidus (pallidum),  Geniculate body,  Internal capsule (posterior limb),  Hippocampus,  Thalamus,  Parahippocampal gyrus, Pineal gland (calcified),  Tentorium cerebelli,  Quadrigeminal plate (colliculus),  Vermis of cerebellum
Quadrigeminal and ambient cisterns,  Straight sinus,  Middle temporal gyrus,  Superior sagittal sinus,  Lateral ventricle (trigone),  Occipital bone, Parietal bone,  Occipital gyri, orbit, eyeball, mandible, maxilla, cervical, spine, atlas, axis, dens, neck, muscles, craniotomy, pterygoid, muscles, nasal, septum, ct with contrast


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