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a patient with TB hip.

Iliotibial tract, Tensor fasciae latae muscle,  Rectus femoris muscle,  Femur (head),  Sartorius muscle,  Iliopsoas muscle,  Femoral artery, vein and nerve,  Urinary bladder,  Rectus abdominis muscle , Pubis (superior ramus),  Pectineus muscle,  Obturator externus muscle, . Iliofemoral ligament
 Gluteus medius muscle,  Greater trochanter,  Quadratus femoris muscle,  gemellus inferior muscles,  Obturator internus muscle, Gluteus maximus muscle,  Rectum, Levator ani muscle,  Obturator internus muscle,  Ischium (tuberosity), Vastus lateralis muscle, Rectus femoris muscle, Vastus intermedius muscle, Vastus lateralis muscle, Vastus medialis muscle, Femur, Adductor longus muscle, Lateral femoral intermuscular septum
Gracilis muscle, Adductor brevis muscle, Adductor magnus muscle, Gluteus maximus muscle,  Semimembranosus muscle (tendon), Biceps femoris muscle
Semitendinosus muscle

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