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First try to convert DICOM into stl, CT, scan, without contrast, Upper lip, Incisors (1 and 2 left), Orbicularis oris muscle, Canine tooth (3 left), Levator anguli oris muscle, Premolar teeth (4 and 5 left), Tongue, Molar teeth (6,7 and 8), Buccinator muscle,  Facial artery,  Uvula,  Masseter muscle, Tensor veli palatini muscle, Ramus of mandible with alveolar canal,  Superior constrictor muscle of pharynx, Medial pterygoid muscle,  Longus capitis muscle,  Oropharynx,  Styloglossus muscle,  Stylopharyngeus muscle, Parotid gland and retromandibular vein,  Maxillary artery,  Atlas (anterior arch),   Transverse process and foramen transversarium, Digastric muscle (posterior belly), Atlas, lateral mass ,  Sternocleidomastoid muscle,  Dens of axis,  Spinal cord,  Deep cervical veins,  Longissimus capitis muscle,  Trapezius muscle,  Obliquus capitis inferior muscle, Semispinalis capitis muscle ,  Splenius capitis muscle ,  Nuchal ligament

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