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Bioprinting Can Make It Possible To Create Humans With Superhuman Abilities

Paige Anne Carter



In the future, some scientists believe that technologies like 3D bioprinting can help create organs with superhuman abilities. One of the people who speculate this kind of future of bioprinting is Agatha Haines.

Today, there are many research facilities and companies all over the world who are working on ways to print organs and design organs to function more efficiently. Currently, the company Organovo was successful in developing 3D printed livers for implants.

With this, Haines focused her study in designing the impacts of 3D bioprinting to the human body. In a presentation she gave at Design Indaba Conference, she mentioned about how it will be easy for scientists to act like Dr. Frankenstein by being able to design humans differently—in any way that an individual would want. The thing is that 3D bioprinting may give scientists a God-like ability or maybe bringing cosmetic surgery to a whole new level. However, another facet of her vision is that it may be possible for scientists to create organs with superhuman abilities.

According to Haines, it will now be possible to engineer humans that are better suited to living in futuristic environments. In her presentation, she revealed a baby with extra large cheeks in order to absorb more caffeine thus allowing the baby to work longer hours efficiently when already grown up. Another interesting design she presented was a baby with head flaps which serve as arctic coolers to combat the heat from global warming.

Whether her designs are outrageously fictional or highly possible, one thing is for sure and that is 3D bioprinting presents a lot of limitless potential to people.


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