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BioBot 3D BioPrinter Brings 3D Bio Printing within Reach to the Masses—Financially

Paige Anne Carter


blog-0249190001413658422.jpegThe BioBot 3D Printer is a low cost 3D printer that’s capable of bioprinting non-living scaffolds or living cell tissues for only US$ 5,000. This has opened a lot of research avenues to researchers with limited budget for their studies.

The BioBot 3D Bioprinter is launched by the BioBots Company. Behind the BioBots startup is a University of Pennsylvania Engineering School graduate, Daniel Cabrera. Daniel Cabrera is the genius behind this startup company. For his work on automating genetic engineering work flows and making life easier to engineer, he won first place in the North America International Genetically Engineered Machines contest.

Cabrera confessed that as a computer science and biology student, he noticed that studying biology was slow and inefficient and is equal to computer programming way back 50 years ago. He also believes that biology is the next frontier, thus with the relatively cheap BioBot printer it makes it possible for any researcher who’s interested in studying biological materials, generate publishable data and enable a huge leap for biology.

The BioBots Company also offers other perks for researchers when they avail of the Beta Testing BioBots program such as:

In conferences where BioBots has been invited, your work will be showcased;

You can gain access to a community of collaborators who are working to find solutions to tough problems with regards to biomaterials, regenerative medicine and tissue engineering;

A year of active development and service agreement for your bioprinter;

And most of all a 3D Bioprinter that’s able to extrude hydrogels like hyaluronic acid, polyethylene glycol, agarose, alginate, collagen and more at an 80-micrometer resolution.


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