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Scientists Make Small 3D Printed Sensors For Cardiac Research

Paige Anne Carter



Testing of different medical treatments always involve experimentation in small laboratory animals. The challenge, however, is that testing drugs on animals require state-of-the-art telemetry systems that can help monitor biological processes in real time. This is especially true when monitoring cardiac functions among laboratory animals.

Researchers from the University of Western Ontario were able to create wireless as well as implantable systems that can help monitor cardiac functions using biomedical 3D printing technology. The wireless telemetry system was intended to get data such as blood pressure and volume. This technology can also transmit biological process information to a receiver which is the end device.

To create the tiny wireless telemetry system, researchers used biocompatible materials such as polycarbonate ISO and different metals to manufacture the prototype capsule. The capsule is transplanted inside the laboratory animal’s body using a catheter. To create the prototype with all of its minute details, the researchers used biomedical 3D printing technology for precision and accuracy in design.

The creation of the tiny sensors will help researchers study the cardiac functions even more. In particular, scientists hope to study the left ventricular pressure-volume loops to determine the state of myocardium health of small animals and hopefully among humans.

Researchers hope that the success of this particular innovation can help many people who are suffering from congestive heart failure. Through biomedical 3D printing technology, medical innovations are now possible thus making it easy for doctors and researchers to study different types of diseases, which are not only confined to the field of cardiac problems.


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