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Found 5 results

  1. Had some time over Memorial Day weekend so I downloaded Dr. Mike's Lumbar Spine model. Believe it or not, this was a 65 hour print on my Ultimaker 2! All in all, the print came out pretty well. I have a web cam watching over the printer and can monitor progress over my iPhone. I can also shut down the printer remotely if the printer goes haywire.
  2. Here is my print of Dr. Mike's splenic artery aneurysms model. I used my Ultimaker 2 and Colorfabb XT clear filament. Print time was 7 hours. The model came out more of a milky translucent color than clear but I imagine you would still be able to see a catheter snaking through. The print isn't as refined as Dr. Mike's Shapeways model, but for a consumer level printer, not too bad! Here is the print with the support structure in place. The Cura program the Ultimaker uses to slice the model seems to generate nice, easily removable support. I just used the generic settings. I spent around 10 minutes cleaning up the model. As far as I can tell, the interior walls of the artery printed out fairly smooth. I was a little concerned because no support could be used for the interior.
  3. Dr. Eric Baumel recently posted a tutorial here on how to use the Mimics software by Materialise and an Ultimaker 2 printer to create 3D printable models. It is a really high quality tutorial and shows all the steps in model creation. Thanks Dr. Baumel for sharing with the community! Anybody else have experience with Mimics or the Ultimaker 2 printer?
  4. From the album: ebaumel Blog images

    3D printing of a CT angiogram model of an abdominal aortic aneurysm on an Ultimaker 2 desktop 3D printer in PLA.

    © Copyright ©2015 Eric M. Baumel, MD

  5. From the album: ebaumel Blog images

    3D printing of a CT angiogram model of an abdominal aortic aneurysm on an Ultimaker 2 desktop 3D printer in PLA. The support structure and printing "brim" are visible.

    © Copyright ©2015 Eric M. Baumel, MD

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