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Found 4 results

  1. Version 1.0.0


    The following model show the steps of a carotid artery stenting procedure. The model represents the following components: the artery bodies, the plaque build up, the stent ,the catheter, net and balloon plus a stand . Size: 225x70x40mm for each one of the arteries. To be sacaled as you wish. The model is provided in 2 version ' a single body with all the parts for each artery ' and 'fractionated component version with all the parts' To be used for educational purposes and 3d printing applications. Ideal for use in medical teaching environments. Perfect for FDM, SLA and DLP printing. The model has been simplified and optimized for 3d printing. Please contact us for any inquiries and modifications


  2. Version 2.0.0


    The following is an example of what can be done starting from the data of a skull scan. After the two-dimensional study of the scans you can devote yourself to something that seems to me of extraordinary usefulness in our specialty. In this specific case I dedicated myself to the microsegmentation of the facial nerve inside his bony canal, highlighting the three-dimensional relationships between the nerve and the structures it meets from the internal auditory canal to the stylomastoid foramen. It was so that I really understood the exact position of the nerve between the lateral semicircular canal and the oval window in the tympanic tract, the exact position of the 2 knees, and overall the relationship between the middle ear, labyrinth, facial nerve, carotid artery internal, jugular vein, auditory eustachian tube. This model can be used as a virtual personal ear trainer, or it can be 3Dprinted whole, or in its main constituents. Whole print maintains the characteristic pneumatic cellularity of the mastoid and the compactness of the otic capsule and can therefore be used as a in house ear surgery training model. It is also possible to separate and print the labyrinth and other components of the petrous part of the temporal bone separately. P.S. please contact for more technical specification Dr. Nicola Di Giuseppe


  3. Version 1.0.0

    1 download

    head and neck, Frontal bone, CT with contrast, stl, printable,with contrast, coronal, Superior sagittal sinus, Superior frontal gyrus, Falx cerebri, Middle frontal gyrus, Roof of orbit, Straight gyrus, Levator palpebrae superioris muscle, Superior rectus muscle, Inferior frontal gyrus Lacrimal gland, Superior oblique muscle, Orbicularis oculi muscle, Lateral rectus muscle, Ethmoidal cells, Medial rectus muscle, Inferior rectus muscle, Orbit (retrobulbar fat), Inferior oblique muscle, Zygomatic bone, Orbital plate, Middle and inferior nasal conchas, Nasal sinus, Maxillary sinus, Hard palate, Nasal septum, Tongue, Maxilla (alveolar process)Depressor anguli oris muscle, Body of mandible, carotid, artery, axis, dens, atlas,


  4. Version 1.0.0


    3D model of the skull and cervical spine, common carotid artery, facial artery and temporal artery vessels are shown. The first image from left to right shows an Anterior View of the Skull and cervical spine, then a Lateral View left and then right, then an Oblique and posterior Views. AngioCTA - processed


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