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  1. Dear Dave, I never made a paper print. I am a productdesigner. Therefore I am looking for a long time to make 3D prints with a paper-look instead of plastic-look. The last 5 years I do also a lot of work for clients working with CT and MRI scanned data. The data concerns all skeleton parts, both from Hominids as from Non Hominids. This data comes from Musea and from scientists and has most of the time an archaeological origin. Since these data is often not complete or disturbed, I adjust the information on request to make good reconstructions. (I have *.stl, *.obj etc CT scan data, however, my protocol is that this data cannot be shared) If you are interested to share knowledge, maybe you can send me a personal message? This, because I did not get a notification of your reply, I am sorry I let you wait.
  2. Dear Dave, I am interested in 3D (plain) paper print. You are looking for someone to work with to develop CT or MRI data into a full color paper model; I worked the last years a lot on CT scanned data, so just let me know what you have in mind?
  3. Goodday Monogram, I see you posted your question dated on March. If you are still looking for expertise, please reply
  4. Goodday Yanioaioan, Do you have the CT scan data yourself and you would like to have the C1-C7 vertebrae separated? If you like I can have a look at it.
  5. Thank you for your advice. The Femur appears to be not in a logical scale at all. Next time I will do the STL conversion myself.
  6. Dear Reader, I have been delivered a *.stl file of a Femur. It has been created from dicom data to a tiff stack and generated to a 3d file through the software Drishti. The file is big as an elephant and it appears to be very big, not at all at a 1:1 scale. My question is; Does anybody know how the measurement should have been done to have it in the proper measurement? I am not familiar with Drishti software. I try to figure out if the measurement should be scaled with a kind of logic (like, from mm cm, so 1:10) or the scaling will be hopeless because there is no measurement involved and it is just a big guess. Should it be done in other software? If so, I first try to understand all the effort has been done already in this Drishti...
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