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  1. Thank you for your advice. The Femur appears to be not in a logical scale at all. Next time I will do the STL conversion myself.
  2. Dear Reader, I have been delivered a *.stl file of a Femur. It has been created from dicom data to a tiff stack and generated to a 3d file through the software Drishti. The file is big as an elephant and it appears to be very big, not at all at a 1:1 scale. My question is; Does anybody know how the measurement should have been done to have it in the proper measurement? I am not familiar with Drishti software. I try to figure out if the measurement should be scaled with a kind of logic (like, from mm cm, so 1:10) or the scaling will be hopeless because there is no measurement involved and it is just a big guess. Should it be done in other software? If so, I first try to understand all the effort has been done already in this Drishti...
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