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  1. Dr. Mike !!!! good day. This tutorial is fantastic !!!. I do not know if you to understand is that my problem comes down to that, a 3D scanner manufacturer Siemens does not generate file extension * .DCIM. Therefore, I can not even import the information into 3D Slice. The information can only "see" in Galilee viewer. Then I need, some free / open source program, which amount different file formats. Of course, many thanks !!! Cheers Carlos
  2. Hello good afternoon!!!, Well, you see, been a while and come back on the subject. Actually, I tried to move forward during this time, but I find a limitation, I would like to share to see if they help me or guide to find a solution: In the small town where I live, there is only one 3D scanner, Siemens, which only generates Dcim dcim or if a license file, which is around 12,000 euros purchase. For me, or the professional who wishes to use, it's a huge amount of money. There is another soft that type of Slice 3D files to handle alternative other than Dcim or dcim ?. From already thank you very much!!!. Cheers!!! Carlos
  3. I definitely think that the files that are on the CD-ROM, which are read by the viewer software Galilee, are NOT dcm files. I tried to download a viewer of DICOM files, the software is called RadiAnt Dicom. With this program, I can see dcm files (which I downloaded from the Web), but I can not see the files on the CD-ROM (even though these files are copied to a directory on the hard drive of the computer). I'll see you talking to the dentist to try to get me real dcm files. Thanks and regards !!! carlos
  4. Thank you, thank you !!! SJSATO I tried to copy the folder larger hard drive to my computer files, and unfortunately, get the same result ... For your information, I detail what I see when I make attempts: 1-I set Windows Explorer to see the file extensions. I downloaded from the web files with dcm extension, and I can see the extent such records. But when I want to see, from the browser, the extension of the files visible in Galileo, not shown me, just show me the name ... ???? . 2-When attempting to import into the Slice 3D software makes the process of reading files, but I finally shows a sign that says "new patients 0", "0 new studies", "0 new series", "0 new instances ". It seems very strange that I can not display the file extension will be "DCM"? .... Thank you for your help again. cordially carlos
  5. Hello !!!! , Good morning from Argentina. I'm starting to get learning 3D printed pieces from imaging scanners. Specifically for dental medicine. My desired workflow is: 1-Get images which have DCIM / DCM. 2-Slice Process 3D images. 3-STL Process Blender (8 years user of this wonderful soft). 4-Print in 3D. But I ran into trouble in the first point: The dentist gave me a CD-ROM from a scanner. This CD-ROM, to put it in the computer, install the viewer induces imaging scans "GALILEOS VIEWER". In the software GALILEOS information can be seen fantastically. The problem is I can not get out the information on the CD-ROM that is visible on Slice 3D. Noting the files on the CD-ROM in Windows Explorer, clearly in one of the folders there 608 files, to which I was impossible to know to what extent they had. Anyway, trying in different ways "grab and drag" files directly to the user interface Slice 3D, the software performs an analysis but ends up throwing the message "or customers" and, therefore, can not do anything Slice more 3D. My first conclusion is: The files on the CD-ROM, VIEWER visible in Galileo, are not dcm or dcim. Please, anyone has a similar experience and can help me solve this problem ?. Of course, I greatly appreciate the time dispensed in reading this post (translated by Google) and the help you can give me. Regards !!! Thank You !!! Carlos
  6. Dear Dr. Mike: I'm really excited to see the profile of Embodi3D. I commented a few days ago, I got my hands on this tutorial: http://www.makermex.blogspot.com.ar/#!http://makermex.blogspot.com/2015/03/como-convertir-una-tomografia-en.html I honestly was not sure Blender off a possible tool for the development of workflow. But to see what you have accomplished on the page, I put very, very happy. I'm using Blender for about 8 years (www.infografiaeinteriorismo.blogspot.com) a while ago and I'm trying to get 3D printed pieces from information obtained from a CT scanner does. My idea of ​​workflow is: DICOM files tomograph. SLICE 3D processing. Exported in STL format. Import Blender. Clean. 3D printing. I hope and I do urge you to help me if in the way of stumble learning obstacles. Of course, I greatly appreciate your time spent as fantastic video tutorials (I'm looking at right now). Greetings Carlos
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