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  1. This stackable heart with short-axis slices was 3D printed for a customer with strong red plastic. We printed and shipped directly to him. The print turned out great!  The stackable slices really allow the internal anatomy of the heart to be seen: atria, ventricles, papillary muscles, etc.  We can 3D print for you too! Just click the 3D Print button on the top of this page. To learn more about embodi3D's specialized medical 3D printing services, click here.



  2. We 3D printed this model for a customer and the print turned out beautifully. The parts stack nicely and by opening them up, you can clearly see the detailed structures inside the heart chambers. To learn more about our 3D printing service, click here.





    Here is another print we did in flexible material at 2/3 scale, as requested by the customer. The flexible material has a soft, rubbery feel that is very nice to handle.



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