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    Here is a small sample, you can compare opening in slicer vs opening in mimics. I feel like it has something to do with it being 16 bit but mimics should be able to detect that. Any ideas? WitmerLab_Crocodylus-porosus-OUVC10899_prescan0617.dcm
  2. yeahnah1


    I have a few mimics questions since they don't seem to have a helpful forum like slicer, and I'd like to compare the model quality of both. When I export a .nrrd as dicom series so mimics can open it, the image is quite dark and seems to be missing a lot of colour information, any ideas on why this might be? Does Mimics have the ability to use the red mask as a mask when painting on the green mask? (maybe that doesn't make much sense but slicer has this feature, also the colour doesn't matter). Finally, can Mimics use oversampling like Slicer to improve the look of a model with a low res dataset? Any help with any of these questions would be super useful
  3. Thanks for uploading this, it's great to see unique animals on here
    the most high resolution head scan on the site!
  4. This looks awesome, would you be willing to share the scan itself?
    Awesome to finally see some animal head CT scans, there isn't really any other dog/cat ct scans available online. Many thanks!
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