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    This is a .stl file produced from a CT scan of myself. I used 'InVesalius 3.0 free' to convert the 2D dicom images into the .stl file. I use either 3D Tool or Materialise's MiniMagics (free versions) to view and manipulate the 3D image. I have been told I had a severe hyperflexion injury to my c spine during an assault in 1988 and sustained a number of fractures and subluxations which were not diagnosed by a hospital as they discharged me from the ER in error before I had been examined by a Dr. It wasn't until I had a CT scan in 2011 and produced 3D images from it that I discovered various bony abnormalities that were subsequently identified as fractures & subluxations by experts. I understand the right transverse process of T1, tip of C6 spinous process and the left greater cornu of the hyoid bone are the most obvious old fractures that can be seen. cervical, spine, .stl, 3d, printing, .stl, bone, 3d, model, printable, vertebrae, spine, atlas, axis, body, intervertebral, space, laminae, facet, transverse, process, spinous, process, printable, 3d, model, ribs, clavicle,


  2. I am simply offering the scans as I thought somebody may be interested as it's not very often multiple fractures of the c spine are not diagnosed. The scans show how the c spine reacted to no medical intervention whatsoever.
  3. CT & MRI scans of cervical spine. Patient with instability due to previously unrecognised fractures and subluxations of c spine 20 years ago following severe hyperflexion injury. Avulsion fractures, atlantoaxial subluxation etc. In exchange for detailed radiological reports on the scans.
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