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  1. Hi Dr Mike, Sorry only just seen this. Yup I really do need the whole body as I am creating a 3D Printed Posable Armature System of the whole body and am currently working with pre-converted 3D data which is in terrible shape as it was decimated way too much and has tons of errors. As does the only DICOM source I can find aka the Visible Human Project. Let alone really wanting a selection of whole body data to be representative of society. Surely whole body studies have been done somewhere in the world? For muscle etc I will create 3D printed moulds to cast in silicone. Its classically taking the ecorche principle into teaching within disability but not dumbing down, yet providing this as a modular accessibility system, why different body shapes, races, ages etc, etc would be need too http://www.3dartspace.us/sculpture_ecorche.htm One assumes MRI has the highest resolution, therefore from my perspective, it's trying to pull and retain as much detail as possible within the conversion processes. But hole body data sets period are the real need in from either source CT or MRI as long as high resolution. Hopefully, my work so far on the bad source meshes will show my skill and knowledge, which I think for the most part is being humoured a bit due to my own disability (also a gift Aspergers) & being Trans, on my own attempts to approach Imagining Departments of Medical Universities in the UK. Hence having so little success sourcing decent data as yet. In fact a major element I want to approach and help overcome with this very project in of its self, that sort of subconscious bias I keep hitting when being open about disability. https://www.linkedin.com/in/sammihamer/detail/recent-activity/shares/ https://www.facebook.com/paramojo/ https://grabcad.com/library/human-anatomy-male-life-sciences-japan-bodyparts3d-source-1/details?folder_id=4247472
  2. Firstly I was not sure where best to post within the Forum subsections, so do excuse me if it's not posted in the place in which you may feel is more appropriate. I received some very limited initial Disability funding (In relation to a Masters & having a Disability myself) which I invested in a Form2 3D Printer to start to create an accurate poseable Armature system to work with other People with Disability, Autism, Mental Health, Even Blindness to use conventional Sculpture in Tandem with Digital & 3D Printing (then Scanning & robotics too), to start to extend into better Digital Arts and STEM Disability Accessibility, Research, and Project (ParaMojo). Which forms my primary interest; The use and application of Real World Data for Disability Accessibility within Digital Arts and STEM. I downloaded a 3D Set of an MRI of whole human ages ago from a Japanese University Project. To now find going through all the individual overly low poly meshes to fix and turn into Quads before taking into Fusion 360 and Zbrush (to add more detail + engineer), I am increasingly hitting more and more parts that simply have far too many non-manifolds and other errors that are beyond fixing, so really need help to be able access to data that is more easily converted, or already fixed and has more detail and accuracy from the get-go. Equally having looked at the Visible Human Project Data also it's also broken. Ideally, I would need a range of full body data sets. I've also posted here on the 3D Slicer forum for extra context and noticed, in principle, it should not be an issue as data can be anonymised as I discovered on your site. https://discourse.slicer.org/t/assembling-a-whole-human-body/1402/11 (All sources will be Attributed and welcome help and support fully Credited). Many thanks and please have a wonderful Christmas! Sam
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