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  1. Thanks for this! I haven't used Blender in a while so the tutorial will help me to try it out again. Do you ever use the Grayscale Model Maker module in 3D Slicer to make 3D models?
  2. I believe the base price is around $9k, but they might add a discount if you buy more than one license, and then of course each module has an additional price. I wrote it into my current grant since I had used it before and I really like the Simulation Module for measuring. I also like the editing power--after creating a segmentation mask, I can scroll through the slices and perform local thresholds or edit pixels to recover/fill areas of thin bone that I need. I haven't found that level of editing in other programs.
  3. Thanks for this overview! How long did it to take to print a skull on the Makerbot?
  4. I am currently using Mimics to generate skull and face models for my research project. It does come with 3-matic which is supposed to facilitate processing of models for printing, but I haven't had a chance to learn it. For the few things I've printed so far, I exported .stl files from Mimics and cleaned them up in Meshlab. I have used 3DSlicer, but primarily the Grayscale Model Maker rather than the Model Maker. I haven't found great settings for the Model Maker and I'm not sure if it gives you the editing power that Mimics does. The Grayscale Model Maker creates surfaces which works well for "complete" bones. Extra pieces can be removed easily in Meshlab.
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