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  1. DJB

    3D Metal Printed Parts

    All parts created using DMLM (Direct Metal Laser Melting) in Titanium, 17-4 SS, 316L SS, Aluminum, Inconel, Cobalt Chrome and 15-5 stainless steel
  2. Hello everyone, I just stumbled across this site and was surprised at some of the topics. I actually work for a company that 3d prints metal parts for medical applications among others and we are ISO 13485:2003 certified. We print in Titanium Ti64 and Ti64 ELI along with stainless steels (15-5 17-4 316L) Cobalt Chrome, Inconel, Aluminum and tooling steel. I am curious to hear about what the medical community thinks about us 3d printing custom implants as well as surgical tools. I have always just done prototypes but now getting into the implants arena and very interested to see what the thoughts are out there. Look forward to being part of the discussion DJ Butenschoen djb@gpiprototype.com
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