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  1. Hello and congratulations on the launching of democritiz3D. This is a big step for 3D printing in the medical world. I am interested in abdominal vessel segmentation taken from abdominal CT scans. While most of the models you guys produce are bone, I have also seen in your democritiz3D website that you advertise vessel segmentation. I have tried to upload an NRRD file to the system and in the operation list i dont find CT NRRD to vessel STL option. I tried the muscle tissue option but the reconstruction was not good. I am specially interested in the artery AND vein of the superior mesenteric vessels and all their branches. I know it is difficult area and specially to segment both the artery and vein. I would not mind getting the arteries and veins in 2 different STL files. I have also seen some test models of the mesenteric vasculature on your website but many relevant branches are missing. Can democritiz3D do this work? or maybe Dr. Mike would be kind enough to try to advice me here. Most of the CT dicoms are in the arterial phase. I appreciate all the help I can get.
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