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  1. Mr. Benks

    Converting .mxp to .stl format (Materialise)

    Give a link for a file - I think I can convert.
  2. Mr. Benks

    Ultrasound TUI

    Post link to the files here and someone will help you
  3. Mr. Benks

    .STL files from CT/MRI/3D ultra sound

    We need to try it, send link with files to biomedical.engineer@yandex.ru Thanks
  4. Hi. I'm medical engineer from medical university. I make a CAD model for quality 3d printing by Mimics / other software. 3d model prepare from CT/MRI-scans and some 3d/4d ultra-sound systems. If community need some help for it - PM me or biomedical.engineer@ya.ru. P.S. free sample and nice price only!