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  1. Thank you for the great model. I was amazed at the level of detail it was able to produce as well. The printer was designed by my brother and I built this one. We have spent a lot of time refining the mechanics and the software. One of the biggest recent changes was to download the latest version of Repetier-Host V1.03 which includes the latest version of Cura slicing engine. This slicer has dramatically improved the print quality. Believe it or not I actually printed this at 160 mm/s, but even so it took just over 6 hours to print at 20% fill.
  2. 3D printed cross section of a skull. I printed this on a home made delta filament printer.
  3. 3D printed cross section of a skull. Printed on home built Delta style filament printer using Repetier host software and Cura slicer. This took just over 6 hours to print. There was a decent amount of cleanup to do on the part but I think it came out very well. I printed this for my daughter and her friends to use in Med school.
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