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  1. Diogo

    Teeth Micro CT

    Sorry guys been so busy and only now could come back and read your responses. I ended up with Mevislab for segmentation and analysis. Here is an example of what I have been doing. Cheers. Diogo Guerreiro S18T7 Final.mp4
  2. Diogo

    Teeth Micro CT

    Dear all First of all thank you so much Dr Mike for this wonderful website. I am with the University of Michigan and been doing some research on teeth morphology using Micro CTs. I am working mostly with MeVislab frameworks and Mimics. Regarding slicer I would like to ask if it is possible to import TIFF files as slices instead of DICOM files. Each time I try to import data in TIFF my slicer version keeps crashing. Any tips? Best Regards Diogo
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