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  1. Thank you your regards. The precission is always the main problem:) I think it is even more precise than the surgeons carve a new face implant from the patient tibia bone (last week I met a man, who wait his operation, and he get a bone implant from his tibia). So when someone draw a accurate implant, and make surgery guide too, It can be very precise. But I am not a doctor
  2. Hello, I am a industrial design engineer from Hungary. I work in a Clinic near the Austrian boarder. I design and manifacture CAD/CAM bone grafts from human allograft for doctors and patients. I work whith many cad software and CT software. I was also intrested making other implants for humans, and I would like to share a plan with you. I'm curious about your opinion. The first picture is a human allograft, what I design and manifactured. These plans are alredy implanted. The second picture is the plan, what I designed.
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