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I have been a scientific/artistic glassblower now for 34 years.  I was employed in the research division of Eastman Kodak for 30 years working with chemists, scientists, engineers in a broad spectrum of areas.  Scientific glass was used in many ways beyond a just for chemistry focus.  We worked closely with model makers and design engineers also to fabricate complex glass designs.  There was always a 3d printer running parts next door in the machining area for trial parts before going into production.  This fascinated and intrigued me, and my sons knew this.  They purchased a lower end kit type 3d printer for me.  They knew of my interest in wanting to learn to 3d print from CT scans.  I left Eastman Kodak 4 years ago to care for my youngest son who was born with HPLH, (Hypo Plastic Left Heart syndrome).  I had many conversations with his cardiologist and he was very interested in my 3d printing from CT scans also.  I was unable to invest my time in learning all that is involved in this endeavor while caring for my son during the last four years of his life.  With his passing last September, I now have time and a new path forward to try and help others in anyway I can with my creative and trained mind.  I thoroughly enjoy problem solving and that was an endless daily occurrence in the research area of Kodak.  I have just purchased a Lulzbot Taz 6 with a duel extruder as it fit my budget at the moment, and sometime in the near future I will be purchasing a Formlabs printer for SLA models.   This is an amazing web site and I look forward to watching it grow and sharing whenever I can.       

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