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  1. Dr. Mike, is there a sample MRI file (or CT scan ?) for knee that I can try it out? I don't have any samples with me. That tutorial looks great! is it possible to even filter out the muscles and just show the ligaments, meniscus in the knee joint?
  2. Just browsed to this website and I am blown away by Dr. Mike's tutorials. Thanks. Could somebody please help with this? I would like to gather CT scan images of knee joint and make a 3D model of the bone and also another with soft tissues with ligaments, tendons & muscles intact. I have no idea about CT scan and image specifications. What should I request to be taken and send me? Can also somebody point me to soft tissue along with bone 3D modeling using Slicer, blender and Meshmixer? Thirdly, when I followed Dr. Mike's tutorials on human skull, the final 3D file was aroudn 160MB. Although it exported to all formats except .3ds, I wasn't able to view it online. How can I export this as a video / animated file where somebody can rotate and manipulate? Thanks so much, drb
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