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    Thank you for the reply! I will definitely try 3D slicer to. 
    I just validated a trial license for Mimics and 3-matic today. I received a brief tutorial from Materialise and would like guidance from other tutorials (in videos or documents) to use it.
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    Try 3D slicer, it is free and you have a lot of tutorials how to use it.
    OsiriX costs and there is no version for PC :/
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    Here are some tutorials to get you started:
    1) Easily create bone STL files using a the democratiz3D automatic conversion service.
    2) Create bone models on your desktop Mac with Osirix, Blender, and Meshmixer.
    3) Create bone models on your desktop Windows PC with 3D Slicer, Blender and Meshmixer.
    4) A comparison of the desktop versus online methods of making simple bone models.
    Good luck!
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