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  1. Version 1.0.0


    3Dtutorial - stl file processed Have embodi3D 3D print this model for you. This file was created with democratiz3D. Automatically create 3D printable models from CT scans. 3D, model, .stl, printable, bone, nasal, septum, zygomatic, arch, maxilla, apophysis, mastoid, temporal, frontal, upper, teeth, orbit, mandible, cervical, spine, head, skull occipital, parietal,


  2. Version 1.0.0


    File used for the 3D printing tutorial. Based on CT scans of a head. Callosomarginal artery, Anterior parietal artery, Pericallosal artery, Posterior parietal artery, Pericallosal artery, Frontal polar artery, Precentral sulcal artery, Third segment of the anterior cerebral artery or pericallosal artery, Artery of the angular gyrus, Posterior temporal artery, Prefrontal arteries, Anterior choroidal artery, Second segment of the anterior cerebral artery (from here on referred to as the pericallosal artery), Second segment of the middle cerebral artery, Anterior communicating artery of the cerebrum, First segment of the middle cerebral artery (sphenoid part), Temporal polar artery, Frontal orbital artery, Ophthalmic artery, Internal carotid artery, Superior sagittal sinus, Parietal vein, Superior anastomotic vein (vein of Trolard), Occipital veins, Inferior sagittal sinus, Internal cerebral vein, Superior thalamostriate veins, Vein of the septum pellucidum, Straight sinus, Great cerebral vein of Galen, Ascending frontal veins, Basal vein of Rosenthal, Inferior anastomotic vein (vein of Labbé), Veins of the fossa of Sylvius, Confluence of sinuses, Cavernous sinus (anterior drainage), Transverse sinus, Superior petrosal sinus, Cavernous sinus (posterior drainage), Sigmoid sinus, Inferior petrosal sinus, Occipital sinus, Pterygoid plexus, Internal jugular vein, CTA, ct, with, contrast, .stl, 3d, model, printable, printing, head, skull


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