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    Dr. Mike reacted to hlacoss in N95 mask holder for UV sterilization box (set of 6 two mask holders)   
    This is a nicely-designed assembly.  I found that the forks were a little bit fragile when assembling due to the tight fit (tight fit is a good thing), so, if you choose to print this yourself instead of having it printed, be aware of applying too much force.

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    Dr. Mike reacted to mmkaiser in Anatomical heart box   
    This print worked well.  Really liked the addition of the stand and the holes for the magnets.  

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    Dr. Mike got a reaction from Angel Sosa in JC 2.2 - stl file processed   
    We printed this model at half size in white resin using stereolithography and it turned out great!

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    Dr. Mike reacted to Imprenta3D in 601 CT Thick Axials 2.5mm.nrrd - stl file processed   
    I've only printed the skull, but it came out very well (see my comment), I haven't had to clean none of the surfaces of the file.
    Again, thanks for sharing this file 🙂
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    Dr. Mike reacted to Jasan_CZ in 3D Printable Human Brain Model, STL format, from MRI   
    Nice model of brain. It definitely needs supports. The printing on Prusa i3 MK3 consumed almost whole 1kg of filament and 90hrs of time (PLA filament 1.75mm, OPTIMAL print 0.15mm, with supports). Unfortunately I chose supports above the pad only, not everywhere, so there are some ugly places above the temporal lobes. It is a pity that the cerebellum is missing. Thanks!

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    Dr. Mike reacted to Joe Church in Lumbar spine STL medical model   
    Excellent model. Minimal errors, unlike the full lumbar hip and spine model that has thousands.  
    Even so, it does not preview or print with Simplify3D due to residual errors I could not repair. Prints well with Makerbot Print.  Cura does not support Replicator+ so I don't know if it prints there.
    Would have been five stars if I could print with S3D.
    Did 75% scaling to fit my Replicator+. 15 hours.
    Needs supports which are numerous.  Time consuming to remove because of all the cavities. Well worthwhile to do. Felt like whittling on the porch.
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    Dr. Mike reacted to Papy_Yosh in 3D Printable Human heart model with stackable slices   
    Thank you very much for the files, I printed the 4 slices in a total of 64 hours in PETG red. It does take some time, but the result is fantastic. I printed it for my teacher of BIO A&P, she is a crazy about anything related to cardiovascular. I added small 5 x 1 mm earth magnets to hold the slices together. They seem to be te right thickness to compensate for the gap between each slices. Over all, I love that model. I will have to reprint the top slice as my part started to unglue from the bet and has some warp. What you do is awesome and giving it access for free is marvelous.
    Again thank  you for your work
    I will be starting on the heart attached to the spine very soon

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