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    Dr. Mike got a reaction from Angel Sosa in Temporal Bone Left   
    Here is an article on the benefits of using 3D printed temporal bones for surgical training
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    Dr. Mike got a reaction from Angel Sosa in Thoraco-abdominal aneurysm, preoperative model.   
    I think this is the biggest thoracic aneurysm I have ever seen. I am glad the patient survived!
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    Dr. Mike reacted to Papy_Yosh in 3D Printable Human heart model with stackable slices   
    I was able to print the slices without having to go through Meshmixer. I am using a Prusa MK3 i3 and just put the files in the Slic3r PE and it printed flawlessly. the slicer did find few holes but they were automatically fixed. Look at my review and you will be able to see the result.

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    Dr. Mike got a reaction from tsehrhardt in Pubic Symphyses, Female 34yo   
    Thanks for sharing Terrie! 
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    Dr. Mike got a reaction from Nicola in Temporal Bone Left   
    Wow! That is an amazing 3D print and highly detailed. I love how you can see the ridges on the internal surface of the skull. You can clearly see all the foramina clearly. It looks like a great tool for medical education. Thanks so much for sharing!
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