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    I downloaded the file and took a look. I see right ventricular hypertrophy, a large VSD, pulmonary valve atresia/stenosis and an overriding aorta that is also on the right side. I think this is Tetrology of Fallot. It is a cool scan!
    Dr. Mike

  2. Amazing work! This is incredible that you have created a 3D printable neuron that only exists in nature on a microscopic scale.


    I took the liberty to create a 3D render of your STL. I don't know if neurons are really yellow, but in anatomy books they always color them that way. 




    Thanks for sharing with the community, and we will look forward to your tutorial!


    Dr. Mike

  3. Wow! That is an amazing 3D print and highly detailed. I love how you can see the ridges on the internal surface of the skull. You can clearly see all the foramina clearly. It looks like a great tool for medical education. Thanks so much for sharing!

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