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  1. Hi, mi name is Javi and i´m vet student of Spain. I´m helping surgeon of our veterinary hospital, and we are printing 3d models of dog´s bones that we operate there. Some bones don´t grow up correctly and the surgery consist on cutting a wedge to line up. I want to design a 3d guide starting from the original bone with holes where the saw enter to cut the bone in the perfect angle, or for leveling the tibial plate of a CTWO (Tibial Wedge Osteotomy). Someone can help me? i paste a photo of what i want to do. I use 3d Slicer to generate the 3d model of the bone from a CT and Meshmixer to edit the bone and printer is a creality ender 3 pro, i can print the bone, what i don´t now is how to make the guide. Thank to everybody.
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