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  1. I received a disk of my CT scan from the radiology dept. The disk has several folders, the folders of importance being "A" and cdviewer.jar. When looking at the files inside the "A" folder it has files named Z01 thru Z584, I am assuming these are the DICOM files. The files do not show an extension nor does windows recognize an extension, it just reads it as "file" when looking at file type in properties. There are no other folders or files labeled with the dicom or .DCM extension on the disc. The cdviewer program allows me to view the images on my windows PC. I have tried adding the .dcm extension to the Z files but the file is not recognized. This disc was burnt directly from the CT660 as opposed to first being sent to PACS. Is there any way to use these files to convert to .stl or do I need a disc that has been previously uploaded to PACs for DICOM conformity? Any help is much appreciated!
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