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  1. Hi Mike, We printed this model with an objet connex. Model was generated by mimics (running on a trial license). This model was printed with our objet 30. We are planning to get a multi material polyjet this year.
  2. Hey Mike, No I didn't. I only watched part of it, the two presentations from 3D Systems at 2:58:00 and 3:49:00. Very cool stuff:)
  3. As a windows user I havn't use Osirix yet. Mike, do you find Osirix generate internal geometries? I also found your tutorial for removing non-manifold vertices in Blender. Any chance you tried Geomagics Wrap/Studio? From my understanding Geomagics can automatically fix them however the software come with an expensive price tag... Anyone has a good tutorial for MeshMixer? I watched few youtube videos but their cases are too clean for CT generated models.
  4. Formlab 1+ might be your solution. It's an entry level SLA 3D printer and provide pretty decent surface finish and accuracy. The build tray is kind of limited, 6x6in I think? It probably enough to print sections. And photopolymer usually come with toxic smell before it's cured. Our shop runs with an Objet 30 and Projet 660. But I'm still pretty impressed by their quality and they are pretty cheap for the quality it offers.
  5. http://videocast.nih.gov/summary.asp?Live=15415&bhcp=1 It was a two day event and the link above was day 1 only. It is pretty long but you can skip to your most interested topic. Agenda is at: https://respond.niaid.nih.gov/conferences/bioinformatics2015/Pages/Agenda.aspx Hope you find it helpful.
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