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  1. Anywhere I can find free/downloadable DICOM files other than from OSIRIX? Looking for MRI/MRA and CT.
  2. I'm looking for a de-identified CT Angiogram of a full body. Either that or different CT Angios that would add up to a full-body scan. Anything you can direct me to would be great.
  3. I'm a medical student who is trying to plan some research in Rads/IR and 3D printing in medicine. Figured I could try to combine the two, so more specifically, I'm interested in using 3D printing to make models for planning interventions/procedures. Any IR docs on here with some good ideas on procedures I could look into for this? Maybe certain particularly difficult vascular procedures that require initial planning? I'm just throwing this out there for some brainstorm ideas. Anything that anyone could suggest would be amazing, broad or specific. Thanks for your time.
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